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3D Printed protection

i-touchless tool

When back at work or out shopping, opening door, touching surfaces can be a concern. We have 3D printed a useful tool to help you with this. 

The i-touchless fits in your pocket and will prove very useful when your out and about.

It is 3D printed using recycled bio-degradable PLA, and has natural rubber inserts for extra grip and for using electronic touchscreens. 

  1. Contact and pull door handles, rubber inserts for extra grip.
  2. Rubber insert Touch button for keyboards and touchscreens.
  3. Bump to force pulling or Pushing with thumb.
  4. Loop for keyring.
  5. Loop for fingers to pull and push.
  6. Engraved Company name.
Size: 75mm x 60mm x 7mm. Fits perfectly in your pocket.

Face Shields

3D printed face shields the fit comfortably to the head and provide clear vision. Durable and reusable, with replacement visors.

Great Protection

Protect yourself and your co-workers against Covid-19.

We can supply small or large batches.

Face Shield Design File (.stl)

To download the Face shield Design File (.stl) click on the Download Button

Face Masks

Face covering is recommended for Public transport and Shopping. Also when social distancing is an issue is certain situations a face mask will assist in protecting yourself and others.

3D printed face mask with disposable insert made from Kitchen Paper

WE have 3D printed a face mask which allows you use a square of normal kitchen Roll as the insert or filter. Very cost effective and easy to use. No need for continual washing of cotton face mask, or paying exorbitant prices for disposable surgical masks. 

Material options for Face Masks

With this face-mask design you are free to use what ever material you like as the filter. We are recommending Kitchen Paper towel as it’s freely available and very cost effective. 

The website www.maskfaq.com has tested many different materials used for home made masks and published the test results. Have a look and make up your own mind on which material you would like to use.


Our Face Mask

Our face mask is 3D printed using PLA bio-degradable filament, and standard elastic bands for looping around the ear. The mask is very sturdy and light only weighing 5g. It comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. Small is suitable for children, medium for average female and large for the average male.

The kitchen roll is folded in a square shape and then fits neatly into the mask. 

The mask can be washed in warm soapy water, and re-used by changing the kitchen roll as often as you require.