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Print Copy and Go

The SurfBox ‘Pay as you go’ Self-service Internet, Print and Copy kiosk allows you access the Internet, Print, Photocopy and Scan in a secure and convenient manner.

Internet Access – Kiosk PC for Internet access using a secure internet Browser. (Chrome Browser)

Print – Print directly from the Kiosk PC, in either Black-White or Colour.  

Copy – Photocopy your documents in Black-White or Colour.

Scan – Scan your documents to Email address. 

Pay directly at the Kiosk PC, either with Coin or Credit Card, for Internet Access and Printing. For photocopying and Scanning you pay with coin directly at the photocopier. Price for the service is detailed below.

SurfBox kiosks Coin or Card Payment.

Internet Access
Per / Minute €0.10
Print or Copy A4 page in Colour
Price / Page: €0.70
Print or Copy A4 page in Black - White
Price / Page: €0.30


Internet kiosk accepts coin and card payment. The following coins are accepted: 2€, 1€, 50c, 20c and 10c coins.

To add credit for card payment, type in your credit/debit card number, at the Internet kiosk, then choose amount you want to pay.
Minimum card payment of 3€. The kiosk does not return change.

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Tel: 01 878 1323