3D Printing

Print Copy and GO 3D Printing Kiosks allow users to conveniently print their three-dimensional designs.¬†Our¬†premium service aims to provide a secure, accessible and efficient printing experience. Simply follow the provided instructions at your nearest Print Copy and GO 3D Printing Kiosk to begin the printing process. It’s Pay-As-you-Go, and completely hassle free! This service especially caters for architects, entrepreneurs and students- but personal users often print miscellaneous 3D items such as keyrings and piggy banks too!You don’t need to be skilled in computer-aided design software either- as there are many resources that have premade templates for you to use such as Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory!

We currently have several 3D Print Kiosks in select libraries across the country.

Do you have a Print Copy and GO requirement for your venue? Contact us to discuss!