3D Printing

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3D printing speeds up proto-typing and adds flexibility

What is 3D printing

  • 3D Printing or Fused Filament Fabrication is the way to describe a process by which a machine deposits a filament (picture something like a small string) of a certain material (normally thermoplastics, resin or similar products) on top or next to the same material, in order to create a joint by heat and/or adhesion.
  • Thermoplastics are plastics which become semi-liquid above a specific temperature and return to a solid state when cooling down.
  • A 3D printer prints a 3-dimensional object by extruding a stream of heated or melted thermoplastic material, which is carefully positioned into layer upon layer, working from the bottom up.
  • Just imagine a heated print head that is oozing out a permanent flow of molten plastic onto a surface in order to form, through multiple layers, the virtual object you chose to print. By adding layer upon layer, which will almost immediately harden upon leaving the hot print head, you will see the object that you chose to create materialize right in front of you.

Public Libraries

Why 3D Printing?

Release your users creativity. 3D printing is the corner stone of Maker-space in public libraries. Make 3D printing available to all. 

Tailor-Made 3D Printing programs

Staff support and training

We provide tailor-Made training courses for Library staff and users. From the design of 3D models to printing them successfully on any 3D printer.

We provide ongoing staff and user support, ensuring that the 3D printer is always operational.

Library Maker-Space

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Interested in setting up a Maker-Space in your library or School and need some help. We have lots of experience, and can help you in choosing the best technology.

Equipment, staff training, ongoing support, and tailor-made programs and workshops for your users.

Maker-Space equipment

Here are some basic equipment we would recommend for a maker space.

Maker-Space Workshops

User workshops help to promote technology and transfer know-how.

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