Printing Instructions

If you intend to print from our Print-Scan-Copy kiosks, you’ll be pleased to know that there a number of methods with which you can do so, including mobile printing options. This document contains a list of all the file formats supported by our printing service. Please note that all print jobs are retained for 72 hours upon receiving your privacy release code. The methods you may use include:

Method 1: Host/Library Desktop

As can be seen above, this method is used from the host/library’s desktop PCs, whereby you print your document as normal, taking note of the privacy release code for input into the printing kiosk.


Method 2: Web Upload (via


This method involves accessing and selecting your location to see a list of available printer locations that have enabled web upload facilities. Upon selecting your location, you will be asked whether you wish to print in colour or black/white and prompted to provide your email address. Once uploaded, you will receive your privacy release code by email. The website is very user friendly and easily accessible.


Method 3: E-Mail Submission

By finding out your printer location’s specific PrintSpots email address, you can effectively email your documents straight through to the printer. Once the email is delivered, you will automatically receive a response email, confirming your privacy release code which you may then input into the Print Copy and GO kiosk. You can find your particular location’s specific printer email addresses here.


Method 4: SmartPhone App (with Geolocation Functionality)

Using either PrinterOn or HP ePrint apps, you may avail of geolocation functionality to find the nearest available printers to you. The apps allow you to easily upload your documents and obtain your privacy release code for inputting into the Print Copy and GO kiosk.