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Thomas Marry

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EU Digital COVID Certificate – Printed and Laminated

EU Digital COVID Certs were issued by email to over 1 million people in Ireland over the last few days.
The COVID cert is a pdf document that can be printed or saved on your smart phone.
For convenience we will print and laminate your cert in credit card sized format. COVID certs will be required for travel and access to indoor dining and pubs. Get your credit card sized printed version today. Go to www.printcopyandgo.com


Turn any MFP into a self-serve copy/print kiosk

The PCG-K100 or K200 turns any compatible MFP into a self-service copy/print kiosk that allows libraries, colleges, shops, and other public locations to charge patrons for prints and copies. K100 kiosk offers full cash and card payment options. Our new K200 pedestal kiosk offers the same great service with card payment, and the option of adding a coin payment module, at a lower hardware price.


Hands-Free Door Openers

We’ve had a busy week putting our 3D Printing know-how to use for the team at Rehab Group’s Regent House in Kilkenny. While delivering a supply of our 3D-printed Face Shields last week, and prompted by discussions with healthcare professionals in St. James’ Hospital, we identified another area of concern for the spread of COVID-19 infection: Door Handles.

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