Updates: August 2017

Updates: August 2017

24th August 2017 Monthly Updates 0


We are Print Copy and GO®, and we provide fully self-service printing, photocopying and scanning solutions to businesses across a variety of sectors, operating a number of self-service kiosks and stations across Irish & UK shopping centres, public libraries, airports, hotels, ferries and students’ unions. Our service is powered by SurfBox®, our parent company, which was founded in 2004 by Thomas Marry and Declan Lennon, and over nearly 15 years of operation, our business is constantly evolving and adapting to changing consumer demands with the employment of the most innovative technologies. Print Copy and GO is a solution that aims to address changing consumer lifestyles in the advent of smartphone culture (86% of Irish consumers own or have access to a smartphone, and 60% for tablets), whereby fully functional household printers are becoming less and less common in Irish homes. We address these changes with self-service printing solutions, made available to consumers in the most convenient places to them.

We offer a range of different products to our hosts, based on their own business requirements:

Print-Scan-Copy: Our Print-Scan-Copy product comes in the form of fully-automated self-service kiosks, offering ease of access to consumers to print, photocopy or scan their documents. We typically supply these kiosks to libraries and students’ unions, as it not only allows for mobile printing functionality, allowing consumers to navigate their own mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, home PCs etc.) to print their documents at our kiosks, but it also allows for synchronicity with the hosts own PCs, meaning customers may opt to print from host-provided desktops or from their own devices, meaning less strain on host resources. Printing and photocopying may be done in full colour or black/white with dual pricing enabled, and scanning may be done to the user’s Email or USB. These kiosks accept coin and cash payment.


Print-Scan-Copy-Surf: Our Print-Scan-Copy-Surf solution is most suitable for busy, fast-moving environments such as shopping centres, and allow your customers to effectively print, photocopy and scan their documents at a well-branded and accessible internet-enabled station. These stations come fully equipped with desktop computers, software and internet access, along with printers that allow for full colour or black/white printing and photocopying and scanning to Email/USB. These stations are often used for printing CVs, payslips and boarding passes. Our Print-Scan-Copy-Surf stations are coin and card-enabled.


Print&Surf: Our Print&Surf stations are often requested for airports, and offer a more focused solution to its users. Travel can often times be a stressful experience for people, and our product aims to reduce some of this stress by providing full colour or black/white printing with fast internet access, meaning travellers can print important documents like boarding passes, travel itineraries and maps. These stations accept coin and card.


3D Printing: Our newest innovative solution is 3D Printing, and we’ve began installing our 3D Printing stations to a number of libraries, aiming to roll out this solution to many more locations over the coming months. Our product is easily accessible and is a huge benefit to venues who cater to architects, students, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. The software we employ allows for ease-of-use in the design and implementation of three-dimensional printing.


Print Copy and GO is just beginning, and we’re excited to see what comes next! We’ve got many more updates to come as we continue to expand our solutions into more businesses. Stay tuned to follow our journey!



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